AJ's Catz Awards

Award of Excellence From the Home & Hearth.
Awarded March 2, 1998
Fright Award For CyberCLAW members with exceptional web pages.
Awarded October 27, 1997
Gold RibbonBronze RibbonBronze Ribbon AJ's Catz has earned 1260 service points from CyberCLAW.
Awarded Februrary, 1998

Chloe's Awards

Silver RibbonBronze RibbonBronze Ribbon Chloe has earned 750 service points from CyberCLAW.
Awarded February, 1998

Joel's Awards

Cupid's Arrow Award First Place Ribbon
Tied first place best cupid hunter
Awarded March, 1998

Chessie's Awards

CLAW Second Ribbon Chessie won second place in the Catz first division of the CLAW Virtual Cat Show.
Awarded February 13, 1998

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Lisa D. Jenkins / ajscatz@bigfoot.com