Ninja Training

My Catz are students of
Mr. Frass' School of Ninja

White Mouse Level One
Altitude and Meditation: Their significance
Chloe is a very thoughtful Catz, so when it came to the first lesson, she was unsurpassed. You will often find her considering her Toyz and climbing the walls to a favorite off-screen hideaway for deeper meditation. Chloe meditates.
Brown Mouse Level Two
Self Defense and Invisibility: Why and how
Joel is undeniably the most agressive Catz of the bunch, so mastering level two was quite easy for him. You may hear him scratching at the carpet, but by the time you look up on the screen, he has seemingly ceased to be. Can't you see I'm invisible?!
Field Mouse Level Three
Insanity and Speed: Why they go together and how to survive
Lesson three was no match for Chessie who is the fastest Catz in the cyberworld. She easily puts on a display of freakishness when defending herself that baffles even the most learned master ninja. Confusing, isn't it?
House Mouse Level Four
Wisely Choosing Opponents: Eat or be eaten: Which is better?
When it comes to choosing the right prey, Jackson has no equal. He greatly considers the mouse, but knows it is not its time to be pursued. Jackson considers not eating the mouse today.

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