Rec Center

My Catz are members of
CyberCLAW Rec Center

With the opening of the CyberCLAW Recreational Center and the coming of spring, my Catz have all bought themselves new spring outfits and gone out to play. Check out their outfits!

Chloe is ready for a swim in the indoor swimming pool. Chloe is ready to go swimming.
Chessie works out. Chessie is working out at the exercise room.
Look at the big fish Jackson caught! Jackson catches a fish.
Joel goes golfing. Joel picks out just the right club for his golfing shot.
Chloe's got a new spring dress for a very special ocassion! She and Sophisto Sam are going out on a picnic! Chloe in her new spring dress.

All outfits created by
Purrphekt's of Kingsland

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Lisa D. Jenkins / ajscatz@bigfoot.com