With over a significant number of Catz served!

Are you looking for that extra-special portrait of yourself for your cyberspace? Then look no further, Purrfect Shots will make it happen for you!

Please take a seat. Chessie, your hostess, will be with you shortly.

Please take a seat !

Your hostess arrives. Hello, I'm Chessie. I am your hostess at Purrfect Shots. Allow me to show you around our studio.

For your photo session, we have a wide selection of props and backdrops to choose from. Our skilled makeup artists will transform you with various costumes, and finally our image artist will capture your "purrfect" look! I am certain you will love the result!

Before you go into the photo studio, you'll need to choose some props and backdrops for your shoot. Don't forget to pick out a costume and have our makeup artists make you over in the makeup room! Chessie escorts you to the makeup and prop rooms.


Chloe is ready for you in the studio. Please go right in.

Enter the Photo Studio.


Some furniture provided by

Vikimouse ~angel~ CatStuff

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